You have just entered my mind, that is to say, you have entered a website that contains the representative thoughts and ideas related to my conscience. My name is Dylan Pirro, I am a student at the Georgia Institute of Technology hailing from the small town of West Milford located in the state of New Jersey. I have always regarded the thoughts of my mind to be unique and worthy of the world, and here for you now are some of those thoughts, now translated into words and sentences that hopefully present new ideas and an interesting perspective. I am a firm believer, in the argument of nurture vs. nature, that nurture is far more influential on a person than are the circumstances of his or her birth. I believe that the environment we live in greatly influences our lives whether we chose to accept it or not. Battle hardened heroes are forged in the “fiery crucible” which is a type of environment, not based on birth. Often times our success as humans, as Mr. Paul Brown, CEO of Arby’s once put it, comes from the failures we make in life, and that failure is necessary for success. Not only does success come from failure, but from adversity. Encountering a tough environment and defeating it with determination, resilience and perseverance not only changes a person, it defines them. So as you encounter the many items and works that you will find here, I encourage you to keep your mind open, but most importantly, I hope that you leave this site inspired.


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Hello, my name is Dylan Pirro and I am a student at the Georgia Institute of Technology studying business at the undergraduate level. I spent the first eighteen years of my life in a town that is seldom heard of outside of New Jersey, where I progressed through school like any other suburban boy. As a second grader I began writing stories of fiction that invigorated my imagination, and although at the time I lacked the skills of a well developed writer, I enjoyed the act of writing, and soon became quite the proficient composer. Now, almost at the prime age of nineteen, I have begun the process of writing a book about my life, which I hope will bring invaluable knowledge and life lessons to all who have the time to read it. This website I created for my English 1101 class for my first semester of college, serves not only as a place for me to compose projects for school, but also a place for me to compose a multitude of things for everyone.

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